Residency Program

The neurosurgical program at the University of Alberta began in 1920 with the arrival of HH Hepburn. Residency training began in the 1940's and was formalized in the 1960's. The residency program involves a minimum of 6 years of postgraduate training. The majority of residents within the PGY4 year have the ability to undertake research in either the clinical or basic science forums. All spectrum of neurosurgery is offered within the program at the University of Alberta.

The neurosurgical residency rotations involve a two team concept at the University Site, a Pediatric neurosurgery rotation at the Stollery Children's Hospital and an adult rotation at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. In the past our residents have 

also done a community rotation in British Columbia. Graduates from our program are currently working in Canada within academic and non academic programs. In addition our graduates have entered both academic and private practice opportunities within the United States of America.

The University of Alberta Neurosurgical Residency Program firmly supports respecting the CANMEDS educational format.