The members of the complex spinal surgery program are actively involved in a variety of research projects, in clinical science, basic science, anatomy, biomechanics, and technology innovation.


Dr. Fox – innovations in spinal surgery

                        -development of a portable spine board with traction capabilities

                        -development of novel intraoperative spinal instrumention

                        -image guidance in spinal surgery


Dr. Jiang – basic science of bone regeneration, outcomes following spinal fusion.

                        -Dr. Jiang is currently recruiting a research fellow, postdoctoral fellow, or a postgraduate student for his laboratory.


Dr. Nataraj – computer-based (finite-element) modeling of spinal tissues

                        -intraoperative measurement of biomechanical properties of spinal tissues

                        -outcomes in minimally invasive spinal surgery


Dr. Mahood – outcomes in scoliosis surgery.


Dr. Broad – outcomes and intensive care management of acute spinal cord injury

Dr. Lavoie – epidemiology and prevention of spinal trauma in Alberta

Dr. Kortbeek – outcomes after spinal trauma


There is close research collaboration among members of the complex spinal surgery program and members of other faculty at the University of Alberta.  Specifically, joint projects with colleagues in Engineering, Anatomy, Neurophysiology (intraoperative monitoring) are currently being undertaken.


Research opportunities exist for both residents and fellows, under the direct mentorship of either one of the complex spinal surgeons or collaborating faculty.